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The site is run by Classic Cottage, Yercaud, Tamilnadu, India. By using this website you agree to the terms of the design at any time. Terms and Conditions apply to all use of the site in any language. Classic Cottage reserves the right to add, change, renew or improve the information on the site.


A real escape, romantic escape, away from the trials and tribulations, clamour and torments, strife and strain of the corporeal world, in to the arbours and bowers, in to the midst of the floral and faunal revelry, in the thick of the vibrant, ebullient woods, a heaven, a place to the aficionados and connoisseurs of cozy, comfortable sojourn and culinary arts, and to one - and all. Check in here and let your amusing holidays begin.

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Classic Cottage takes your privacy seriously. We do not collect personal information that is not relevant or necessary to deliver our services to our customers. You authorize us to use, store and process relevant information using Classic Cottage website. Personal information may be shared with third parties if Classic Cottage sees it as necessary to manage, operate and maintain the site.

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